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I have had the pleasure and great fortune to work with Julianna for several years now. I cherish our time together in person and on the phone and find her counsel to be priceless. She has an extraordinary ability to see things in a very clear and liberating way and speaks from such a place of great wisdom and unexpected yet easily integrated insight. I trust her guidance and support and feel that she is rooting for my highest potential and greatest joy. Having Julianna in my life is akin to having a powerful ally by my side. I am so grateful to have found her.  

S.E.D, San Francisco, CA


When I met Julianna I was dealing with both post-traumatic stress as well as an autoimmune condition, and had already tried many different kinds of healing.  Julianna quickly became my gold standard for a great healer: one who never turns you away from yourself.  In teaching me how to do shamanic journeys, she helped me tap into resources within myself that I never knew were there and that have empowered me beyond measure.   I didn't know that such inner peace was possible.  Julianna met me exactly where I was at and walked with me down a difficult path.  She is a graceful mix of wisdom, kindness, stillness, strength, humor, depth, and clarity, and I am deeply grateful to have worked with her.  

S.H. Duluth, MN


Julianna brings deep knowing and spacious reassurance to her sessions.  Whether a healing session of anointing or an instructive dialogue on how to better understand shamanic guides and realms, Julianna sheds light, humor and insight that gives comfort, clarity and hope.

Rev. Lauren Van Ham, MA, Spiritual Director, Berkeley, CA


At first I was hesitant in getting an anointing and skeptical as to its benefits . However Julianna made me feel extremely comfortable and safe with her authentic presence.  As the anointing progressed, I fell into a state of physical calm and yet felt lightly energized .  My thoughts slowed and my senses were filled by the fragrances, light touch and sounds that gently lead me to an inner refuge of deep rest and ease.  My usually busy mind felt at peace and in alignment with my physical body.   I am a big tall guy and in Julianna’s anointing,  I somehow felt a easeful sense of being cared for almost like I was a small child being held  with love in my parents arms.  In my subsequent sessions, the deep filling of the senses while feeling energetically cared for also allowed me to explore inner questions and insights that were unexpected.   The sheer physical sensations of the anointing are amazing and the added spiritual/inner dimensions are wonderful gifts.   I am deeply grateful to Julianna.  

SSM, Head of Technology – Wells Fargo Innovation, San Francisco, CA


Julianna has the rare gift of presence. In my annointing session with her I experienced her loving, gentle and strongenergy. She has a gift that is both centering and calming.  

C.K., Marriage and Family Therapist, NYC


When Julianna did an anointing with me she seemed to channel feminine divine energy through her hands and her whole being into the very core of me, helping me to reconnect with those parts in myself.  I experienced a deep sense of peace and connectedness.  I am profoundly grateful.

Sophie Slade, Ph.D, Montreal, Canada


Julianna is a mature healer who can help you dive deep into experiences of loss, transition, spiritual awakening, or grief, and help you come out the other side “put back together” again.


Julianna is gifted in sensing the subtle realms and has a strong courageous presence and an easy, comfortable strength when working with dark and shadowy places.


She is ordained as a Priestess & Minister and is certified in Spiritual & Shamanic Counseling, Reiki, Depth Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy. She has worked as a 'Death Midwife' & Home Funeral guide.


She is passionate about deep transformation, and holding space for her clients to access the wisdom, light, and healing that is always available to them.

"Radiance expands when Julianna is around"

julianna's training & education



• Reiki Practitioner

• Scent Priestess, Emerald Temple

• Ordained Priestess, 13 Moons Mystery School

• Certified Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, Foundation of the Sacred Stream

• Certified Minister and Spiritual/Shamanic Counselor, Foundation of the Sacred Stream

• Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT), Foundation of the Sacred Stream

• Death Midwife/Home Funeral Guide from Final Passages Levels 1-3




National & International Shamanic Studies with Foundation of the Sacred Stream, including: 

• Field work at Orkney Islands, Scotland

• Huna I and II, exploring the wisdom of the ancient Kahunas

• Mesa Verde




MA in Creation Spirituality - Naropa University

BA in Speech Communications, University of Minnesota

Message from Julianna


I was initiated into a path of healing from a desire to free myself from the depths of depression that began in my early teens.  Later in adulthood, a painful life initiation invited me to “Embark on a path towards the Sacred Feminine.”


My healing journey is dedicated to opening and healing the heart space where LOVE resides.  From this place my relationships with family and friends heal and deepen.  From a cultivated relationship with spirit, I feel great joy and support as I navigate these changing times.  It is my greatest joy to support others in finding healing and connection to the wisdom that lies within so they may live their life with more LOVE. 


I currently live in New Haven, Connecticut with my Beloved partner Sri and our furry companion Sukha.  I am available nationwide for private sessions.  


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