Are you ready for the next chapter of your life?

Shamanic & energetic journeys with Julianna will help you get there

New Haven, CT, USA

Tired of your 'stuff'?

• Do you know you need to move on from your breakup, but can’t?


• Do you feel like you're so sensitive you can’t handle life?


• Are you tired of feeling life as a struggle?


• Are you feeling drained and depleted from a chronic illness?


• Do you wish you could talk about the spiritual experiences you’re having with someone who gets it and won't think you’re crazy?


• Does life keep hitting you with such intense stuff that you wonder if you're going through some kind of initiation?

The Answers lie within. Julianna can help you access them.

“There is a feeling that is innately Julianna – A feeling of play and surprise and depth and seriousness all rolled into one."

Julianna is a mature healer who can help you dive deep into experiences of loss, transition, spiritual awakening, or grief, and help you come out the other side “put back together” again.


Julianna is gifted in sensing the subtle realms and has a strong courageous presence and an easy, comfortable strength when working with dark and shadowy places.


She is ordained as a Priestess & Minister and is certified in Spiritual & Shamanic Counseling, Reiki, Depth Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy. She has worked as a 'Death Midwife' & Home Funeral guide.


She is passionate about deep transformation, and holding space for her clients to access the wisdom, light, and healing that is always available to them.

Benefits of working with julianna

• Know what you need and want and feel confident enough to ask for it


• Mine your pain for its gifts and be surprised how strong you feel


• Have faith that you WILL have the love you want in this lifetime


• Learn how to dance with sadness and grief when it comes up without being controlled by or overly attached to it


• Be more present and connected to the people who ARE showing up in your life, rather than pining for the person who is not there


• Make sense of your spiritual experiences so they become a source of power in your life instead of something you feel like you need to hide


• Go into a big life event (like giving birth or losing a loved one) feeling prepared and energetically ready


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