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If you feel called to work with Julianna, read below to learn more about some of the modalities she uses in her healing practice.


Julianna offers private sessions as well as group classes and workshops. She is available for one on one sessions in the New Haven, Connecticut area, or via phone or Skype anywhere in the world.


If you choose to work with her, she would begin with a short phone consultation to learn more about what you are looking for, and may offer you a particular modality, or a treatment with a blend of modalities.

Shamanic Counseling

What It Is:


Working with guided shamanic drum journeys to access deep, buried parts of the self so that they can heal. Unconscious material is discovered and integrated. Old, recurring patterns can be broken and healed.



Who It Is For:


Brave seekers, explorers, people who want to know themselves more deeply. People who are tired of seeing the same damaging patterns showing up in their lives over and over again. People who feel stuck. People who are ready to take a leap. People who want to feel more centered in their personal power. People who need help making sense of a loss or painful experience so that they can move on.



What It Is:


"Hands On" energy healing using the hands as conduits of healing energy. The client simply lies down and relaxes while Julianna works with the hands either floating slightly above the body, or lightly on the body. Julianna works intuitively and becomes a conduit for healing energy.



Who It Is For:


People who feel "off," drained, tired, depleted, burnt out, physically unwell, stressed out, heartbroken, despondant, mildly depressed, or like they just need a refreshing energy bath. Also good for people who are very energetically sensitive that pick up energy from their surroundings or other people, to clear away unwanted energy. People who want to just relax and receive.


What It Is:


The application of pure scented essential oils to produce healing in the body. Essential oils are applied head to toe on the client's body while the practitioner also channels healing energy through their hands, similar to Reiki.


Specific oils are used to produce desired effects, like relaxation, clearing energy and old emotions, and deep healing. Anointing is an ancient healing art which many are familiar with from the Bible or Ancient Egypt. It is a very pure, loving act. It could be described energetically as "bringing light to dark places."



Who It Is For:


People who who want to feel deeply held as they receive a powerful, transformative energetic healing. People who need nourishment and nurturing. People who enjoy the sensory pleasure of scent and would like that to be a part of their healing. 

Shamanic healings

What It Is:


Sessions include conventional shamanic healing methods as needed, such as: drum healing, soul retreival, power retreival, extractions.



Who It Is For:


People who feel very depleted in their life. People who don't feel connected to their power, and perhaps have felt that way for a while. People who feel like they try everything, but it's almost like something is keeping them down. People who feel like a part of them is lost or missing, and it's like they're walking around in a daze. 

Benefits of working with julianna

• Get over heartbreak


• Step out of your same old patterns


• Release old grief


• Energetically prepare for your death or the death of a loved one


• Energetically prepare to give birth to your new baby


• De-stress and come back to your center


• Feel connected to Universal Love


• Feel a sense of who you are... the real you

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