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Julianna is passionate about supporting the liberation of pain and suffering so more people can enjoy being here on planet earth.


To this end, she offers classes and workshops in the New Haven, CT area as well as worldwide.


Her current offerings are listed below. Please contact Julianna if you are interested in bringing her workshops to your community.

weekend workshops

Intro to shamanic journey- weekend workshop

What It Is:


Weekend workshop. Learn the fundamentals of shamanic journey work using sound. Learn how to go on a 'journey' to the beat of a drum, to access spiritual guidance to navigate your life, strengthen, and heal.



Who It Is For:


Anyone interested in shamanic journey work! 


People who have heard of shamanic journey work and felt intrigued. People who have explored shamanic journey work but would like a refresher. People who have never heard of shamanic journey work, but like the idea of accessing spiritual wisdom and guidance simply by going on a mental journey to the beat of a drum. People who want to open up their 'right brain' channels to access more creativity and knowledge. People who are facing an issue, who feel stuck and want guidance.

“When I think of Julianna I think: Simple truth & heart held integrity"

weekly groups

Dream Sharing for Individual & collective discovery

What It Is:


Weekly 2 hr group. Participants have the opportunity to share dreams, The dream has meaning on a personal, spiritual, and collective level which we explore together. What is the larger pattern being woven by the dreams with community?



Who It Is For:


This group is open to anyone who has an interest in exploring dreams! It may interest people who have strong or significant dreams, people interested in collective healing and transformation, people looking to connect more with "conscious community," people interested in archetypes and symbolism, those seeking guidance and answers about how to move forward in their life, and those wanting to learn a tool kit for working with their own dreams to gain greater meaning and guidance.

Shamanic journey group - weekly 

What It Is:


Weekly group. We will gather in community and do a shamanic drum journey together. This means going on an inward, mental journey to the beat of a drum, to access inner spiritual wisdom and guidance. Participants have the opportunity to share their experiences with the group afterwards.



Who It Is For:


This group is open to anyone who is interested in developing a regular practice of shamanic journey work as a source of wisdom in their life. Beginners and experienced journeyers are all welcome. People wanting to be a part of a community interested in shamanic healing, looking to meet likeminded folks, deepen their spiritual journey and toolkit, and develop a regular trustworthy source of insight.

"Julianna holds a spirit of service to the whole"

Benefits of ATTENDING julianna'S WORKSHOPS

• Connect with a community of fellow seekers and light bringers


• Learn how to understand deeper meaning from your dreams 


• Learn techniques you can do at home any time you feel stuck


• Learn basic concepts & principles of shamanic healing and journeying


• Develop tools you can use to heal yourself and help your loved ones


• Spark your creativity and 'right brain'


• Feel a deep sense of peace


• Let go of what does not serve so you can have what you want 


• Connect with spiritual support and "allies" that have always been there cheering you on. Learn how to work with them!

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