SURF Cards

The Cards of AN connect you to your TRUE SELF, not predicting a future, but provide you DEEP insight to your current situation, gifting you ACTIONS that support a shift, a TRANSFORMATION that ushers you into your next level, YOUR NEW and TRUE REALITY.


Surf cards address the here and now giving you a snapshot of your current experience, which is often deeply validating and relieving.  


Gain INSIGHT on steps to take for you to bring in the NEW and TRUE

These readings are a BOOST - clarifying and illuminating, they offer a a REALIGNMENT with WHO you REALLY ARE - with the VASTNESS of your being that is calling.

Alert cards are the heart of the reading. They clarify the temporary conditions or set backs that lead to transformation. 


Eternal Timeless True Self merges in the here and now. 

Reconnect with your Original State of BEING and shed the years of tears accumulated in our journey through duality, the duality it is time to shed. 


It is time to EMBODY the NEW AND TRUE while being here on planet earth!

11:11 Gate


The Cards of AN offer insight and perspective from THE ULTRA GREATER REALITY,  a well of wisdom ancient and TRUE opening doors to peace and possibility, BEYOND what is currently imaginable.


Your  natural state of being is Ageless, Healthy and Beautiful!

You are a being from the Timeless True World – and sometimes this is forgotten. It is time to REMEMBER. When you strengthen the resonance of the NEW REALITY within you, duality cannot stick.

11:11 cards are the Journey through duality into Oneness.

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