Surf cards address the here and now giving you a snapshot of your current experience, which is often deeply validating and relieving.

SURF Cards

The Cards of AN connect you to your TRUE SELF, not predicting a future, but provide you DEEP insight to your current situation, gifting you ACTIONS that support a shift, a TRANSFORMATION that ushers you into your next level, YOUR NEW and TRUE REALITY.

  " Racheal’s a dedicated mother, wife and entrepreneur. Her life was full! She came seeking insight and direction on career options. 

As the reading unfolded and she felt the wellspring of love and support from BEYOND THE BEYOND she suddenly recalled a story book she had wanted to create with her daughter. This remembrance aligned perfectly in her life story of adoption and generational healing, and illuminated a thread of her heart's desire.  

Spirit was redirecting Racheal towards mending the generational pain adoption  through inspired joyful creative activity with her daughter! " 

Alert cards are the heart of the reading. They clarify the temporary conditions or set backs that lead to transformation


Gain INSIGHT on steps to take for you to bring in the NEW and TRUE

These readings are a BOOST - clarifying and illuminating, they offer a a REALIGNMENT with WHO you REALLY ARE - with the VASTNESS of your being that is calling.

" ....For S, these cards are drawing from the timeless true worlds, the reading was far vaster than her work issue. She learned more about balancing her inner polarities, her inner masculine and feminine. The reading invited her into transformation with her intimate partner that would eventually lead to significant life changes for them both. The work issues resolved itself in the vastness of the information received."

Wild cards usher from the ultra greater reality – REAL and TRUE they illuminate the path upon which you are called.  They bring the TIMELESS TRUE worlds here as they are part of the NEW REALITY.

WILD Cards

Eternal Timeless True Self merges in the here and now. 

Reconnect with your Original State of BEING and shed the years of tears accumulated in our journey through duality, the duality it is time to shed. 


It is time to EMBODY the NEW AND TRUE while being here on planet earth!

"...For N,  I wanted a reading to help break through my ego mind.The cards were completely and powerfully on point for the questions I was facing and even stretched the possibilities I was considering. 

This breakthrough has altered the way I move through the world, and has created openings for more freedom and opportunities for me, as the cards said would happen if I followed their advice." 


11:11 Gate Cards are the Journey through duality into Oneness.

11:11 Gate Cards

The Cards of AN offer insight and perspective from THE ULTRA GREATER REALITY,  a well of wisdom ancient and TRUE opening doors to peace and possibility, BEYOND what is currently imaginable.


Your  natural state of being is Ageless, Healthy and Beautiful!

You are a being from the Timeless True World – and sometimes this is forgotten. It is time to REMEMBER.

"For T.. 

Bathing in AN felt ancient and wise, deeply grounded and earthy.  I felt seen and encouraged by messages from Beyond that are rooted, kind and clear

. I felt like I was coming home to myself, and that every instinct that was my soul's calling was confirmed.

My experience left me with a sense of calm, inner support and strength, helped me tap into resources within myself that I never knew were there

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